Boxing promoter Don King once said that you won’t find a reality TV show better than boxing because of the ups and downs fighters face and how the sport represents a metaphor for life.

With that in mind, it seems TV producers in Dubai have taken King’s advice literally.

Fighting Fit Dubai is a reality television series, with the idea of turning “ordinary people,” into the best versions of themselves by taking them on a life-changing journey to become champions of the boxing ring.

The series which was formerly known as White Collar DXB, is currently filming its second season and producers have adopted a new look and format for the show.

Contestants are split into two teams of eight, they take part in eight weeks of training before being pitted against one another in a boxing ring on the final week with the chance to be crowned Fighting Fit Dubai 2016 champions.

The only prerequisite is that contestants must not have had any previous boxing experience.

Despite the competitive nature of the show there is significant emphasis on strength, conditioning, nutrition, lifestyle and psychology.

Speaking to website Arabian Business producer Phil Griffiths from Nomad Productions explains, “The show is all about contestants of all shapes and sizes professions and nationalities, male and female, using the experience as a catalyst to change their lives.”

The first season of the series helped a make-up artist overcome her crippling anxiety and an ex-rugby player lose weight and regain his form. The second season will be aiming to build on this success and the producers have enlisted the help of a team of health and fitness experts to support contestants along the way.

Chris Miller owner of the Strength Gym in Dubai will be the strength and conditioning expert. He is joined by seven time Guinness world record holder and HUA fitness founder; Eva Clarke as the mental strength expert and health and nutrition expert; Vicki Tipper.

They are also joined by former British and Commonwealth middleweight boxing champion; Roy Gumbs who will assume the mantle of the show’s head boxing expert.

Former champ Roy Gumbs is the head boxing expert.

Speaking about the new head boxing expert producer Phil Griffiths said, “We can’t argue with Roy’s pedigree or character. We knew he’d be a massive asset to the show.”

“Roy’s main interest is to look after the contestants and help them improve their boxing techniques as they approach the final fight night.”

“There’s a blue team, a red team and a reserve team and he works across them all. He will provide the audience with a qualified view of how the contestants are progressing. Come fight night, we’ll see if he’s right.”

The former British and Commonwealth champion is delighted to be helping others in this new endeavour, “Working with these people gives me great satisfaction. I want to help them set personal goals and encourage them to be positive, passionate and persistent about achieving those goals.”

Gumbs added, “It’ll be a pleasure to pass on my knowledge and skills and to give these people the experience of what it’s like to be a boxer…but I also want them to enjoy themselves and have fun.”

Fighting Fit Dubai is currently filming and will be screened on Dubai Television channel OSN later in the year. To find out more about Fighting Fit Dubai follow the show on Facebook and Twitter; @FIGHTINGFITDXB.

Pictures courtesy of Facebook.

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